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Bin cleaning

Remove grubs and other pests from your land.

Eliminate bacteria and viruses

Cleaning your bins regularly eliminates potential bacteria and viruses such as influenza, COVID19, salmonella, listeria, E.coli and others.

Our specialized machinery uses industrial hydromechanical heads that spray hot water (200 degree farenheit/93 degree celsius) at 3000 psi. The power of the jets paired with hot water acts as a giant “dishwasher” for your bins. The heat of the water itself destroys 99.9% viruses, germs and bacteria and prevents us from using chemicals to do the work. After hot water sanitation, we then vaporize a disinfectant approved by Health Canada that is used in our hospitals and certified to eliminate several viruses, so COVID19 (Air X 78)


Cleaning your bins regularly eliminates bacteria and viruses such as flu, COVID19, salmonella, listeria, E.Coli to name a few.  In addition, vermin such as wasps, flies, ants, mice, raccoons, squirrels, skunks etc… will be less likely to roam and/or settle on your land if no food source is available.