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Waste Container / Dumpster Cleaning

The odors that come from your waste container or dumpster are not only unpleasant for your customers and employees, but it is a sure indication that bacteria are swarming in there as well.  Bacteria, in addition to it multiplying from hour to hour and causing more and more odor, present certain health risks.  Diseases like listeria, salmonella, E.Coli can be contracted by dirty waste containers. 

Maintain a perfect corporate image

And protect your employees from these diseases, which could result in health problems and avoid negative customer feedback.
Waste Container or Dumpster Cleaning

Our waste container packages start at 99.99$.

We service dumpsters 2 to 8 cubic yards.

Contact us at 438-865-5969 or email us for a personalized quote which will best suit your needs.

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